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Yafa means “beauty” in Hebrew. A group of explorers with the ultimate pursuit of beauty collected unique natural elements from around the world to come up with the formula. lead you to bid farewell to the gorgeous appearance, you will see the power of nature and bring real and meaningful changes! Let beauty come from within! Eat in quality, beautiful conditioning Yafa


High concentration perfect formula exclusive technology


YAFA 植純皙

The unique Israel white tomatoes contain high-concentration of colorless carotenoids, including Phytoene and Phytofluene, which can inspire crystal skin and brighten up beauty. This product also contains plant-extracted Ceramide made by a major Japanese company, which can spark dazzling and watery skin and embark a journey of beauty and luxury.



This product contains natural and precious Gastrodia elata and Leaves of Sanchi, which is rich in special ingredients that can boost the spirit and clear thoughts minds. “Clear-minds” with natural ingredients can help you to think better and be more creative.


“Repair-sight” contains Seed Oil of Gac (Momordica cochinchinensis), Marigold and Grape Seed Oil. With the all-dimensional formula and natural ingredients, this product can make your eyes more comfortable and clear your sights every day.


In the high-pressured daily lives, we are always striving for our dreams, therefore always have a hard time relaxing and getting some rest at night. What you need is “Better-sleep” which contains natural ingredients including sleep-helpers GABA and Great Morinda, as well as pressure-reliever Tryptophan and Spine Date Seed, allowing you to truly relax and get a good night’s sleep.

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Yafa is the meaning of beauty in Hebrew, a group of explorers who have the ultimate pursuit of beauty, collecting unique natural beauty elements around the world, delving into the magic of formulas, leading you to bid farewell to the gorgeous appearance, you will see the power of nature, bring Real and meaningful change! Let beauty come from within! Eat in boutique, beautiful conditioning Yafa


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